7. Release Plans

The following features are planned to be developed for upcoming releases of HydroUQ app. Development priorities may change depending on feedback from the community. If you have any suggestions, we encourage you to contribute and contact us through the SimCenter Forum.


The numbers in parentheses are for internal tracking purposes.

7.1. Year 3 (2024)

7.1.1. June 2024 - December 2024

  1. Digital Wave Flume II: An automatically generated CFD model for simulating water loads on an isolated building with arbitrary shape defined by an STL surface. (July 2024, WBS

  2. Surrogate Response for Debris: surrogate models for predicting the response of a water-loaded building during debris impacts for several fluid, debris, and structural parameters. (Aug 2024, WBS

  3. Ability to use multi-model approaches for building response simulation. (Sep 2024, WBS

  4. Hydrodynamic database creation employing CFD simulations. (Oct 2024, WBS

  5. Surrogate Base Response Estimation for Water: surrogate models for predicting the response of a water-loaded building for several fluid and structural parameters. (Nov 2024, WBS

  6. Digital Wave Flume III: CFD model for evaluating water loads on a building with complex surrounding configuration - multiple buildings around it. (Dec 2024, WBS

  7. Multi-fidelity Monte Carlo routines to utilize lower cost computational models along with higher fidelity models to reduce computational time while preserving accuracy (Dec 2024, WBS

7.2. Year 4 (2025)

7.2.1. January 2025 - March 2025