3. Tools

The main menu toolbar, i.e. the ribbon at the top of the HydroUQ app, contains the Tools dropdown menu. Tools in HydroUQ are standalone applications that create inputs for certain workflow applications, e.g. the Digital Twin (Material Point Method) tool provides ready-made digital twins of wave-flumes which are used to compute the engineering demand parameters for use on structures within flumes. At a later time, results from a tool can be brought back into the main SimCenter workflow.

Table of Contents

3.1. Material Point Method

The MPM event option is used to setup the flow parameters related to the water-borne hazard event. This can either be a coupling between the shallow-water and MPM solver or using the ClaymoreUW MPM solver alone. The steps of the setup process for the event have been kept nearly similar to that often used in Finite Element Method to make it easier for researchers from structural engineering background to easily use this application. This includes SettingsMPM >> BodiesMPM >> BoundariesMPM >> SensorsMPM >> OutputsMPM. Figure HydroSteps_MPM shows the steps as selectable tab-pages in the GUI.


Fig. 3.1.1 The steps involved in setup of the Hydro event

Each of the above steps in the setup process is documented in detail in respective sections below: