1. InstallationΒΆ


The following instructions assume that Python is already installed on your system. If you do not have Python installed, please follow the steps listed here to set up Python. Another good alternative to installing Python is Anaconda, which offers a relatively more straightforward interface for package management and working with different versions of Python. To set up Python through an Anaconda Distribution, please follow the instructions provided here.


An effective way to eliminate conflicts between dependencies of individual Python projects is to isolate them from each other by installing them in different virtual environments. Please install BRAILS in a virtual environment to eliminate such potential conflicts. Depending on your Python installation, please follow the instructions for vanilla Python or instructions for Anaconda to create and use a virtual environment.

BRAILS is a Python package for regional-level inventory generation and training/testing custom deep learning models for image recognition. You can install the latest version of BRAILS using pip package management system by issuing the command:

pip install BRAILS

Once this command is fully executed, you can verify that BRAILS is successfully installed by importing BRAILS:

import brails

If you receive an error message after running the command above, please see the Troubleshooting section for assistance.