7. Release Plans

The following features are intended to be included in WE-UQ app in upcoming releases. These may change, depending on feedback and changing priorities, though the ones closest out are things we are actively working and will be delivered. If you have any suggestions or wish to contribute, please contact us through the SimCenter Forum.

7.1. Sept 2023

  1. Digital Wind Tunnel ( - Auto-generated CFD models for isolated buildings with a complex shape given its CAD geometry.

  2. Aerodynamic Database ( - Develop an aerodynamic database integrating CFD simulation and experimental measurements.

7.2. Dec 2023

  1. Digital Wind Tunnel ( - CFD models for a complex-shaped building with the surrounding buildings explicitly modeled within a certain proximity.

  2. Surrogate support for regional assessment ( - Extend surrogates developed in EE-UQ that can be utilized in R2D for wind hazard simulation.

  3. Multi-Fidelity Monte-Carlo ( - Utilizing low-fidelity models to predict the response of high-fidelity models efficiently

7.3. 2024

  1. Digital Wind Tunnel ( - Customization of the Digital Wind Tunnel models for low-rise buildings with additional application examples.

  2. Ability to save & utilize surrogate models using advanced Surrogate-Modeling algorithms (

  3. Reduced order surrogates modeling for CFD simulations (

  4. Regional-scale CFD simulation integration with R2D for high-resolution damage and loss assessment of wind storms (


The numbers in brackets are for internal tracking purposes.