pelicun library

Adam Zsarnóczay , Kuanshi Zhong

The pelicun library is an open-source implementation of the PELICUN framework in a Python package. PELICUN is developed as an integrated multi-hazard framework to assess the performance of buildings and other assets in the built environment under natural hazards. Its foundation is the FEMA P58 performance assessment methodology that is extended beyond the seismic performance assessment of buildings to also handle wind and water hazards, bridges and buried pipelines, and performance assessment using vulnerability functions and damage models based on intensity measures (e.g., Hazus).

This document covers the features and capabilities of Version 2.5.0 of the tool. Users are encouraged to comment on what additional features and capabilities they would like to see in future versions of the application through the Message Board.

Technical Manual


Adam Zsarnóczay, NHERI SimCenter, Stanford University,