Python: Assignments Day 1


Day 1 is designed to bring those new to python up to basic coding skills.

If you’ve already done coding in python, most of the material will look very familiar to you. We still ask you to actively participate and help others learn quicker by facilitating small group discussions in which you can share your insight.

Self-study portion for day 1 (ahead of class)

  • Watch the installation video (depending on your OS) and follow instructions for installation as provided at Setup Instructions

  • If you never used ZOOM, install the free ZOOM app. Your computer will point you to the download the first time you will access the zoom link to our meetings. This takes a few minutes, so don’t wait till the last minute.

  • If you never used Python, watch chapter 1 of our self-study videos. This video series is just under 2 hours total, watch at least the first hour worth or you will fall behind very quickly).


You don’t need to understand everything discussed in those videos - we will work through exercises and discussions on the covered materials. The more you can watch, the better we can utilize class time for hands-on work.

Live exercises (in class)

  • ./LessonNotes/Lesson  01-Data Types.ipynb

  • ./LessonNotes/Lesson  02-Data Types and Loops.ipynb

Practice problems (after class)

  • ./HomeworkExercises/01.1 Exercise_Functions.ipynb

Self-study portion for day 2 (watch before tomorrow’s class)

  1. Watch chapter 2 of our self-study videos. This should take ~30 minutes.

  2. Watch chapter 3 of our self-study videos. This should take less than 15 minutes.

  3. browse through the matplotlib gallery to explore available plot types. This should take ~5 minutes.

  4. Watch chapter 4 of our self-study videos. This should take ~45 minutes.