Python: Assignments Day 4

Self-study portion for day 4 (ahead of class)

Live exercises (in class)

  • LessonNotes/Lesson  05-File IO.ipynb

  • LessonNotes/Lesson  06-Introduction to Object Oriented Programming.ipynb

  • LessonNotes/Lesson  07-Inheritance (OOP 2).ipynb

  • Organizing a python project on your file system.

  • Exploring code using the PyCharm debugger.

Practice problems

If you haven’t solved them yet:

  • ./HomeworkExercises/04.1 Exercise File handling.ipynb

  • ./HomeworkExercises/05.1 Exercise Classes.ipynb

  • ./HomeworkExercises/06.3 Exercise Inheritance.ipynb

For those who want a bigger challenge and who are willing to work as a team:

Self-study portion for day 5 (watch before tomorrow’s class)

  • Make sure your PyCharm setup is working.

  • coordinate with a team and help prepare at least one of the classes from the Challenge Problem.