Python: Assignments Day 3


Day 3 will introduce you to object oriented programming (OOP). This is the key strategy used in team development of more complex code, or simply helping you write more stable and better readable code. Moreover, OOP is the key concept behind languages like Java or C++ (You will utilize the same concepts in Part 2 of this bootcamp).

You will also learn how to use OOP to implement your own data types, something that allows you to expand python and make it more usable for your research.

Self-study portion for day 3 (ahead of class)

  1. Watch all videos that you’ve skipped so far. This should take you 0 to 4 hours, depending on how busy you’ve been over the past few days.

  2. Watch chapter 5 of our self-study videos. This should take ~50 minutes.

Live exercises (in class)

  • LessonNotes/Lesson  05-File IO.ipynb

  • LessonNotes/Lesson  06-Introduction to Object Oriented Programming.ipynb

  • LessonNotes/Lesson  07-Inheritance (OOP 2).ipynb

Practice problems (after class)

  • ./HomeworkExercises/04.1 Exercise File handling.ipynb

  • ./HomeworkExercises/05.1 Exercise Classes.ipynb

  • ./HomeworkExercises/06.3 Exercise Inheritance.ipynb

Self-study portion for day 4 (watch before tomorrow’s class)

  1. Install PyCharm CE. Follow the setup video for configuration.

  2. Watch the Chapter 6: video on modules. This takes ~0.5-1 hour.