Computational Wind Engineering Tool

First of all, thank you to all users for trying out this CWE CFD tool. We appreciate the value of the time of our users and will welcome all your feedback.

The CWE Tool, developed by SimCenter, allows users to perform industry-grade CFD simulation, using OpenFOAM and Gmsh, on the powerful computers at the Texas Advanced Computing Center, through the Agave interface maintianed by DesignSafe.

You can suggest changes and post bugs by submitting issues to our code repository

Please note: this software is under continual development. We welcome any feedback and appreciate the patience of our testing users.

A Short CFD Intro

Getting Started

Once you understand the basic workflow, you can Create and Upload a Geometry.

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Validation Examples

About Us

Academic Citation:

One of the mesh tools used in the DesignSafe backend (ie. not distributed with this client program) is Gmsh:

C. Geuzaine and J.-F. Remacle. Gmsh: a three-dimensional finite element mesh generator with built-in pre- and post-processing facilities. International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering 79(11), pp. 1309-1331, 2009.