2.2. GI: General Information

The GI tab allows the user to provide information about the building and the units the user will work with. The widget contains the following four frames, as shown in Fig. 2.2.1.

  1. Building Information: Collects general information about the building. This includes the name of the building.

  2. Properties: Collects information about the number of stories, width, depth, plan area and height of the building.

  3. Location: Collects information about the location of the building. This information is used by some event widgets to characterize events that are specific to the building location.


    1. For the events where the geometry is defined using bathymetry, the location is specified using the latitude and longitude

    2. For events where geometry is a wave flume or STL files are used, then the location should be specified as \(x\) and \(y\)

  4. Units: Collects information about the units used in the inputs and outputs. Some widgets will require inputs in different units. Those widgets will display units beside those special entry fields.


Fig. 2.2.1 General information input panel.