Regional Resilience Determination Tool

Frank McKenna , Stevan Gavrilovic , Adam Zsarnóczay , Kuanshi Zhong , Wael Elhaddad , Joanna Zou , Claudio Perez

The Regional Resilience Determination Tool (R2D app) is an open-source research application that can be used to simulate the performance of the built environment subjected to natural hazards. Version 1 will allow users to predict the performance of the buildings in the region when subjected to earthquake events. Version 2, due May 2021, will allow researchers to study the effects given a Hurricane event. Future version will allow users to study effects of lifleines and interdependencies. The computations are performed by a simulation workflow that will run on either the user’s local machine or on a high performance computer made available by DesignSafe.

This document covers the features and capabilities of Version 3.0 of the tool. Users are encouraged to comment on what additional features and capabilities they would like to see in future versions of the application through the Message Board.

Technical Manual


Frank McKenna, NHERI SimCenter, UC Berkeley,